Nikken Air Wellness
Don't settle for anything less than Nikken Air Wellness in your home

Don't settle for anything less than Nikken Air Wellness in your home

Nikken Air
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    Wellness is in the air. We spend 90 percent of our time indoors - but the air inside our homes can be severely polluted. The solution? The Nikken Air Wellness Power5. It combines advanced air filtration with negative ion generation and aromatherapy technology.

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    The Nikken Company is a quality brand name in air purification systems.

    In fact, Nikken strives to create products that impact the whole body on many levels, including: air, water and sleep.

    Isamu Masuda, the founder of Nikken, has been developing wellness products for thirty based on a concept called ‘the 5 pillars of health’.

    Through the 5 pillars of health, Masuda theorizes that in order to achieve a total state of wellness, the whole body must be accounted for.

    This includes the not only the body, but the mind and spirit. The picture of health expands to encompass the family, society and the finances of each person.

    With Nikken, air health is achieved through many unique processes, which influence your body health, clarity of mind, and environment.

    Let’s take a look at some of the advanced products from Nikken air wellness.

    Air Purifying Systems

    The Nikken Power 5 air purifying system is one of the top products on the market today.

    One of the reasons why the Nikken Power 5 is so successful is based on its multi-system approached to air filtration.

    Let’s take a look at the five stages of air cleansing from the Nikken Power 5:

    • HEPA filter
    • Photo catalytic
    • Charcoal Carbon
    • Ion Generator
    • Aromatherapy

    The Nikken air system is especially powerful because it employs many pre-filters to target unhealthy particles swiftly.

    Immediately trapping larger air borne particles, the Nikken Power 5 uses a light enhanced photo catalytic filter to destroy germs and bacteria.

    Note that photo catalytic systems are safer than ultraviolet lights.

    Charcoal carbon filters are used for its wonderful ability to absorb dirt and smells from the air, including: smoke, pet odor, cooking smells and chemical vapors.

    The next stage in the air purification process is probably the most exciting. An Ionic generator attracts micro-fine particles into a nano-copper filter, via magnetic charges.

    Altering the biology of the contaminants, the generator not only disables air borne particles, but replenishes the air with negative ions at the same time.

    Freshly filtered air will need to be replenished of its natural ions in order to nourish the environment. Negative ions relax and clarify the mind and body, promoting sleep.

    The Nikken Power 5 doesn’t stop there –it continues to filter any remaining viruses, bacteria or disease from the air. A high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filer is used in the final stages of purification.

    Infusing your fresh air with aromatherapy is an optional choice with Nikken products. Choosing from many options of pure essential oil mixtures, the aromatherapy system can add an extra boost to your environment.

    Relax, de-stress or stimulate your body, mind and environment with aromatherapy oils for an overall feeling of wellness.

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