Introducing Mother Nature's way of creating freshness with ionic air purifiers

Introducing Mother Nature's way of creating freshness with ionic air purifiers


Welcome to your ultimate resource for learning about ionic air purifiers and ozone air purifiers. Our step-by-step guide to the process of ionic air cleaners will help you in your search for the best ionic air purifiers and ozone air purifiers.

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Ionic Air Purifiers

Whole body health encompasses more than the food we eat and the water we drink.

The air we breathe in has an enormous impact on our health. It can revitalize us, or diminish our energy in short periods of time.

Imagine your clarity of mind after a walk through an abundant forest, riddled with flowing water falls and streams. The air here is fresh, pure and revitalizing.

Now remember back to a time when you sat inside a poorly ventilated, moldy space. A cloudy mind, confusion and lack of energy are generally the symptoms of breathing in stale and polluted air.

Luckily, Mother Nature has provided us with clues for producing natural and clean air in our homes, offices and schools.

The following air purifying systems have been designed through observing how air is cleansed by nature:

  • Ionic
  • Ozone

Ionic air purifiers are nurturing and relaxing for the body, mind and spirit.

Air is cleansed as it moves through several stages in the purifying process. After larger particles are caught in a pre-filter, and odors have been removed by a charcoal filter, smaller microns of air moved to the ionic stage of cleansing.

This type of air cleaner reverses the ionic charge of micro fine particles in the air, thereby neutralizing germs, viruses and bacteria.

Negative ions are produced by this purifying system in order to rupture the cell walls of the contaminant. In addition, negative ions infused the air in order to replenish the natural ions that have been stripped through the filtration process.

Infusing negative ions back into the air in your home will soothe you and reduce stress. Found naturally in among forests and streams, negative ions are natureís way of revitalizing your soul.

Natural Ozone Cleaners

Another air purifying system that has been emulated from mother natures own cleaning properties, is the ozone cleaner.

We have all experienced the new smell of fresh air after long periods of rain and thunder. We love to go outside and inhale deep breathes of clean air into our lungs.

What we may not realize is that the air has just been cleanses by an oxygenic process.

Activate oxygen eliminates contaminants in the air and produces an enlivening type of air that increases our energy and peace of mind.

Stale air pollution is ramped inside office and school building, and even in our homes. Since we spend most of our time indoors, it makes sense to clean and rebuild fresh air for every room.

Ozone air purifiers are unique in their ability to permanently reduce: smoke, mold, bacteria, viruses, fungus, formaldehyde, chemicals, fumes, and mildew.

In fact, using a quality air cleaner system will strengthen your immune system and fight off infections, illness, allergies and asthmatic conditions.

How do ozone air cleaners work?

Three atoms of oxygen come together to created what we know of as ozone. The first basic oxygen molecule combines with oxygen O2 in order to produce the essential air we breathe in.

Oxygen O2 splits into oxygen O3, and the third molecule breaks away from the cluster. Now oxygen O3 can cling to other substances in the air, including polluted particles.

Activated oxygen O3 will convert the basic chemical structure of the substance, targeting the cell structure in order to destroy the contaminant at its root source.

Portable ozone cleaners are used in everyday indoor spaces, like: homes, business, offices, apartments, bars, restaurants, motel rooms, vehicles and more.

Ozone Warning

There is some controversy surrounding ozone air purifying systems.

Some researchers claim that high concentrations of ozone can cause damage to the lungs, like: chest pain, short breath, wheezing, throat infections and aggravate asthma and respiratory conditions.

The theory behind this lies with the fact that ozone will not only react to substances in the air, but also with the organic material inside our body.

So do your research into ozone concentrations and your health. Itíll be well worth the time it takes to find a quality air purifier that is healthy and beneficial to your whole family.

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