Why should you use hepa filters to clean your indoor air?

Why should you use hepa filters to clean your indoor air?

Hepa Filter

Refresh stagnant indoor air with HEPA filters and HEPA air cleaners. Your guide to brand name reviews on all HEPA filters, HEPA air cleaners, and HEPA furnace purifiers.

Find out how to use replacement HEPA filters, and commercial HEPA air cleaners with our simple instructions.

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HEPA Filters

Is the stale air circulating in your home causing allergic flare-up’s and intense asthmatic conditions?

Most indoor air is polluted with a variety of contaminants including: pollen, pet dander, smoke, and chemical fumes from household cleaners.

Unbeknownst to you these airborne particles could be carrying bacteria, mold, and viruses. The perpetrator of many illnesses, allergic reactions and fatigue symptoms are often found in the air you breathe.

Cleansing your home with natural and fresh air is easy with HEPA purifying systems.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) is a well known filtration system that is used to clean indoor air.

The HEPA method of removing polluted particles from air was introduced in the 1940’s. Originally used by the Atomic Energy Commission as a means to filter radioactive contaminants, it has since evolved into a house hold name.

Browse the rest of this informative article on HEPA filters for great ideas on purifying your indoor air.

The Filtration Process

HEPA filters are highly effective in removing a range of particles from the air.

In fact, research shows that HEPA filters catch up to 99.97% of particles that hold a size of 0.3 microns. This makes for a ratio of 3 particles per 10,000.

As these polluted or irritating particles pass through the HEPA filter they are trapped, thus removing air of harmful reactions and odors. After this process has been completed, fresh air begins to circulate back into the environment.

HEPA cleaners will most likely capture: dust, smoke, pollen, animal dander, and mold spores in order to purify the air in your home.

Some HEPA air purifiers are not equipped to filter finer microns like: chemical fumes, gasoline and pesticides.

Top quality HEPA cleaners should filter your indoor air at a high rate per hour, for the best results. Keep this tip in mind when shopping for a HEPA filter.


HEPA air purifiers are fairly simple to operate and easy to care for.

Most HEPA filters are portable cleaners that can be moved from one room to the next. Its cleansing range is limited, and so you should only expect it to purify one area of the house at a time.

You can use HEPA filters quite simply, as they are electrically run and only require an outlet. The portable features of HEPA allow you to save money on installation and other hidden fees.

HEPA filters are treated with an antimicrobial agent called Microban, which prevents bacteria, mold and mildew from growing in the filter.

The nature of the replaceable HEPA filter enables it to last for approximately a year without complications. If the HEPA filter is damaged, you will need to replace it straight away, as your air quality will suffer.

HEPA Brands

Not all HEPA filters are created equally. The brand of filter you use for your air purifying system will impact the quality of air circulated back into your house.

Better quality HEPA filters will have a high air exchange of approx. 15 per hour. This refers to how many times the indoor air will circulate through the filter each hour.

Look for better features on top brand named HEPA filters, like: activated carbon and ultra-violet light.

Activated carbon combined with a HEPA filter will maximize your air purifiers’ ability to neutralize odors from harsh chemicals.

Ultra light systems are used in hospitals for its excellent rate of viral destruction. Seek a HEPA filter that has an ultra violet feature for removing viruses, bacteria and fungi on contact.

The two top manufacturers of HEPA air cleaners are Austin Air and Care 2000.

Here’s a look at some more brand names to check out online: Nikken, Living Air

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