Free air purifier reviews on all multi-system filters

Free air purifier reviews on all multi-system filters

Air Purifiers

Read more air purifier reviews with this handy online guide to room air cleaners. Learn how to operate an electronic air cleaner for major areas of your house. With online ratings on the top room air cleaners, you can’t go wrong!

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Healthy Living

Healthy living has many aspects to it including nurturing our mental, emotional and physical natures.

Without a whole body approach to wellness, it’s hard to achieve any significant changes in our health.

Eating well and exercising are key steps in obtaining a balanced state, but what about the other factors?

We drink fresh and pure water to enliven and regulate our systems. Nobody recommends drinking polluted water, yet we often don’t think about the air we breathe.

Outdoor and indoor pollution are currently at high levels of toxicity, especially in urban areas of major industrial developments. Our indoor air isn’t much better, as it soaks up and circulates allergens, mold pores and chemical fumes.

Breathing clean air is as essential to our bodies as eating and drinking fresh foods and water.

Remember to take a whole body approach to health –and a whole look at creating harmony in your home.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Top quality air purifiers do much more than simply filter dust from the air.

In fact, air purifiers work at their best when they provide a multi-system approach; filtering, cleansing, and replenishing.

Here’s a look at three more popularized multi-system air purifiers:

  • Ozone
  • Ionizer
  • Electric

95% of airborne air pollutants can be prevented from circulating in your home when you use a multi-system air purifier.

Types of Filters

New technology in air purification has allowed for the reproduction of natural processes in order to clean air.

Most ozone and ionization filters are used in conjunction for air as pure as natures.

The first process of filtration usually begins with the ozone treatment. Here, air is purified by a process called oxidization.

Oxygen molecules are split by a light in order to reach the actual cellular structure of the particle. Once the cell walls of bacteria or fungi are destroyed, they are unable to reproduce.

The second part of the air purifying system utilizes a process called ionization. This aspect replenishes the air after it has been cleaned by charging it with negative ions.

Negative ions also work to purify by attaching to pollutant particles in the air, rendering them flightless.

A slight variation of this process can be found with radio ionization. Here a safe radio wave is used to send out negative ions throughout the entire house, as opposed to just one room.

The following traditional air purifier type is possibly more cost-effective and easy to understand.

Electric air cleaners are great ideas for removing large airborne particles of dust, pollen and mold from your home.

The electric system is simple –first a fan is used to pull air into the cleaner, and through an aluminum mesh filter.

Once larger particles of dust and lint have been cleansed from pre-filter, the air moves toward the second stage of filtration.

The ionization stage uses magnetic attraction to remove micro small particles from the air –everything the first filter missed. An activated charcoal filter is used in the last stages to purify the air of odors.

Portable and convenient to use anywhere in the home, electric air purifiers are the economical choice.

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