Air Quality Control
Air Quality Control Hunter & Feinstein Introduce Air Quality Control Measure

Air Quality Control Hunter & Feinstein Introduce Air Quality Control Measure

Congressman Duncan Hunter and Senator Dianne Feinstein have introduced the Southern Border Air Quality Protection Act in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate respectively. This measure will prohibit the exportation of natural gas to any facility that is within 50 miles of the U.S. border and does not comply with the air standards of the nearest U.S. air quality control district.

Two U.S. companies, InterGen and Sempra, are currently constructing electricity facilities in Mexicali, which are estimated to expel more than 3,000 tons of emissions into the air each year.

The Sempra plant meets California air technology standards. InterGen, however, is building a 1000 megawatt facility with 500 MW targeted for the California market and 500 MW contracted to the Mexican government. Though they have installed environmental scrubbers on the two towers producing the 500 MW to be exported to the U.S., the towers scheduled to produce the Mexican power do not have any environmental protection equipment. This legislation will ensure that if this facility does not meet environmental emission standards, it will not be allowed to receive natural gas from the U.S.

"The purpose of this legislation is quite simple," said Congressman Hunter. "If a facility does not meet U.S. air quality control requirements five miles north of the border, you should not be able to operate this same facility just because it is located five miles south of the border. Air pollution obviously does not respect the international boundary line."

"This legislation will help ensure that power plants along the border employ the best technology available to control pollution in Southern California and other border areas. The fact more power is needed should not allow companies to take advantage of this need and use it as an excuse to devote less attention to clean air and public health," stated Senator Feinstein.

"It is not unreasonable to ensure that companies making money in the California energy market meet strict environmental standards. This measure will protect those living along the California-Mexico border from harmful power plant emissions."

The Southern Border Air Quality Protection Act will be referred to the House Energy & Commerce Committee and the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee for consideration.

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