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Analysis confirms new source review changes to continue to protect air quality

Analysis confirms new source review changes to continue to protect air quality

Proposed changes to federal and state air quality permitting regulations for major sources of air pollution would continue to protect air quality throughout the state, according to an analysis completed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Air Pollution Control Division.

In a report to be submitted to the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission on Friday, March 5, state air quality officials have concluded that Colorado would continue to comply with National Ambient Air Quality Standards and other provisions of the state's air quality management program if the commission adopts the proposed revisions to the federal New Source Review program.

"We strongly believe that air quality in Colorado will continue to be protected by our air quality management program and the recommended changes to the New Source Review permitting provisions," said Douglas H. Benevento, executive director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. "We examined several hypothetical examples to illustrate how the proposed changes would impact Colorado, and strongly believe that we can ensure good air quality that would continue to protect the public health and environment for the residents of Colorado."

New Source Review is a program outlined in the federal Clean Air Act designed to reduce air pollution emissions. Specifically, the program applies to both the construction of new industrial facilities and to existing facilities that make major modifications that significantly increase pollution emissions. It seeks to protect air quality even as new sources of air pollution are built and existing sources expand.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency made a number of regulatory revisions to the New Source Review Program. In turn, each state is required to adopt or modify existing state regulations to mirror the federal revisions.

The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission in late 2003 directed the Air Pollution Control Division to analyze the air quality impacts of the New Source Review program revisions and subsequent state regulatory changes to determine if air quality would continue to be protected under the new provisions.

The division submitted its report to the commission on March 5 for review. The commission will hold a hearing to discuss the report and consider proposed regulatory changes on Thursday, April 15. For other news editorials, see; indoor air polution.

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