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Air Purification Ultraviolet Air Treatment Keeps Your Home Healthy

Air Purification Ultraviolet Air Treatment Keeps Your Home Healthy

The Sanuvox R3500X, which employs the proprietary Sanuvox Process, is designed to purify a portion of the air moving within the air duct at any given time. The air within our homes continually circulates through the ventilation system every minute of every hour of every day. Sanuvox In-Duct Purifiers rely on the re-circulation of the homes ventilation to bring the overall level of contamination down.

According to Dr. Normand Brais, President of Sanuvox Technologies, "The purifier is designed to continually treat the air which continually passes through the UV Air Purifier, after an hour or two of being installed, the home will have circulated the air through the Sanuvox enough times to bring the home's overall contamination down drastically." For a typical application, Sanuvox will destroy the contaminants quicker than the contaminants can be introduced into the environment.

The installation of an R3500X is nothing that would require more than 10 minutes by an HVAC contractor. The R3500X has a 3-year warranty, which includes the UV "J" Lamp. As a result of the proprietary design, the Aluminum Reflecting Tube redirects UV to "burn off" any bio-aerosols that adhere to the UV lamp. The R3500X is self-cleaning; the only maintenance required is a one-lamp change every 3 years (Sanuvox takes into consideration the unit will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

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