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Air Treatment – Biorem Announces One Billion CFD Air Treatment

Air Treatment – Biorem Announces One Billion CFD Air Treatment

BIOREM Technologies Inc. a Guelph, Ontario, biotechnology and air pollution control company announces that installed system capacity has surpassed ONE BILLION cubic feet per day purification of contaminated air in North America.

"This is a tremendous landmark," commented BIOREM president Brian Herner "it clearly demonstrates how rapidly biofiltration has emerged as a superior technology for elimination of airborne odors and toxic organic pollutants," Herner continued.

Considered developmental until as recently as 3 years ago, early biofilter systems, constructed with crude perforated piping covered with soil or wood chips, were huge, inefficient and highly unpredictable. BIOREM initiated entry into the biofiltration market in 1995 with the goal of developing affordable, reliable, low maintenance biofilters and a predictable consistent biofilter media. With its laboratory pilot facilities and extensive industrial microbiological research and engineering capabilities, BIOREM set to revolutionize the technology.

The most significant development, according to BIOREM Director of Sales, Richard Puntis, was the launch, in Jan 2000, of North America's first synthetic, high efficiency, long-life biofilter media. "BIOSORBENS has revolutionized biofiltration and has allowed us to enter markets previously reserved for technologies like chemical scrubbers," said Puntis. "Our BASYS, BIOFILTAIR and SYNERGY biofilters are small, in fact less than half the size, of the next competing biofilter system" Puntis continued. "And with extremely low operating costs, extended filter media life and no chemical consumption or waste generation it's no wonder municipal plant engineers are clamoring to know more."

The Company's experience has grown rapidly in a short period of time as over 70 BIOFILTAIR and BASYS installations were completed. Repeat orders from satisfied customers attest to the "superb" performance of the new modular BASYS systems.

Claiming to have the most reliable, efficient and compact biological air pollution system on the market, all backed up by training, technical service and monitoring, sales are expected to escalate rapidly in the coming years as more and more engineers specify BIOREMs equipment in projects across the country. For other news editorials, see; indoor air polution.

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