In Room Air Purifier
In Room Air Purifier Blueair Increases Clean Air Delivery

In Room Air Purifier Blueair Increases Clean Air Delivery

Blueair, Inc. said that recent improvements to its Model 501 in-room air purifier have resulted in an over 20 percent increase in its Clean Air Delivery Rate.

The new ratings give the Swedish-made and designed Blueair Model 501 a CADR rating of 388 for smoke, 377 for dust and 377 for pollen, according to recently completed tests by AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers). Room capacity for the Model 501 is 550 sq. ft or a 22' by 25' room. The CADR ratings were developed by AHAM to help consumers make meaningful comparisons between air purifiers in terms of actual performance. The higher the rating, the faster the unit filters the air.

Blueair attributes its higher CADR rating for its Model 501 to improvements made in the ionization chamber and in the polypropylene filters. Improvements include increasing the number of ionization brushes in the air filter chamber from 4 to 10 and redesigning the pleated mechanical filters for better air-flow.

The increase in the number of ionization brushes, according to Blueair, gives the particles a stronger charge that leads to higher electrostatic filter efficiency. This also optimizes the functioning of the ionization chamber that now traps an even larger number of airborne particles.

Improvements in the pleated filters make it easier for more air to pass through the chamber, resulting in a higher level of filtration at a lower pressure drop for extra air purification and less noise. The airflow rate varies from 88 CFM to 450 CFM, depending on which of the four air control options are selected.

Design, construction, performance and quality features also make the Model 501 the quietest operating and most energy efficient unit in the industry. Noise level is from 35 dB to 71 dB depending on the airflow rate selected or about the same noise level as a desktop computer. Because the unit is so quiet, a signature blue "power-on" light tells the user when the unit is operating. The unit is also highly energy efficient, using from 15 to 95 watts of power or no more than a common light bulb.

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