Ultraviolet Filter Air Purifier
Ultraviolet Filter Air Purifier A Solution For A Smoke Free Home

Ultraviolet Filter Air Purifier A Solution For A Smoke Free Home

Sanuvox Technologies Inc. announces the introduction of the S1000FX; a stand alone or ducted 1000 cfm Ultraviolet-Filter Air Purifier. The S1000FX is designed to be used in applications that vary from smoking rooms to hospital clean rooms. The S1000FX is the only purifier which will take both the smoke and odor out of a smoking environment with the only maintenance being the changing of a 20" x 20" x 1" pleated pre-filter every 3-4 weeks.

Unlike other air purifiers, the S1000FX does not use conventional carbon filters to decrease the effects of noxious odors. By utilizing a patented "J" shaped Dual Zone (Photo-Oxidation & DNA Sterilization) Ultraviolet Lamp, the S1000FX recreates the effects of sunlight to naturally decompose, destroy and purify contaminants. For the first time, the advantages of Ultraviolet Air Purification are paired with the benefits of HEPA Filtration.

The advantages of this combination UV-Filter are that tar from cigarette smoke does not clog or coat the Filter. The Photo-Oxidation of the Ultraviolet lamp changes the molecular structure of the tar and nicotine, which is then trapped by one of two pre-filters. This result in a purifier, which does not have a restricted airflow, hindered by a clogged Filter. Because of the unique UV-Filter system, the S1000FX is able to remove both particulate and chemical contaminants and neutralize the odors in the environment. Conventional air filters only remove the particulate and carbon filters are required to neutralize odors. The S1000FX does both.

The S1000FX is also available with a clean room option, which incorporates a HEPA Filter and an additional UV Germicidal Lamp. The HEPA Filter will trap particles down to 0.3 microns (1/75 000 of an inch) in size. The S1000FX UV-HEPA Filter unit is designed for applications such as hospitals but can be used in residential environments as well.

Independent studies were performed to measure the variation in air quality resulting from the operation of the Sanuvox Air Purifier. In operation, there was a drastic reduction in the concentration of microorganisms.

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