PlasmaPure Air Purifier
PlasmaPure Air Purifier – Clean The Air Inside Your Home

PlasmaPure Air Purifier – Clean The Air Inside Your Home

Mitsubishi Electric, a recognized leader in home and industrial electronics, has introduced its new PlasmaPure air purifier, which not only eliminates undesirable odors, but also helps protect people from numerous indoor health threats.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, studies have shown that indoor air may be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. In fact, people who spend much of their time indoors-especially infants, children, senior citizens and persons with chronic illnesses-are at especially high risk for health problems such as asthma, allergies and bronchial infections. Biological pollutants such as pets, dust mites, bacteria, molds and pollen are inherent in every home, and they all contribute to conditions that can negatively impact quality of life.

Mitsubishi Electric's PlasmaPure air purifier has proven extremely effective in removing airborne contaminants, including fine dust, pollen and tobacco smoke. The stylish, lightweight unit employs a series of technologically advanced "Smart Sensors" and long-lasting filter systems engineered to detect and eliminate concentrations of odors (from pets, infants, and cooking, etc.) and particles in the air.

"PlasmaPure takes air purification to a new level," says Craig Little, Mitsubishi Electric HVAC vice president of sales and marketing. "We've been able to combine form, function and performance in a highly efficient unit that raises the bar for the industry, while improving quality of life for consumers."

PlasmaPure's microdust sensor is able to detect airborne particles invisible to the naked eye, using an optical system with a light emitting diode. Its odor sensor is exceptionally sensitive to cleaning chemicals, formaldehyde, ammonia, NOx gas, and other odor-producing compounds. The concentration of odors and airborne particles are indicated on PlasmaPure's control panel. Three lighted monitors (for pollen, microdust and odors) rise and fall on a scale according to the concentration levels. The lower the light (green), the lower the concentration of contaminants; as the concentration increases, the lights move up the scale and transition into red colors.

Once the sensors detect these contaminants, they activate PlasmaPure's inverter-controlled fan motor to draw household air through a series of particulate filters and state-of-the-art Plasma deodorizing unit. In addition to effectively removing pollen, house dust, mold spores, animal hair and dander, dust mites, bacteria and smoke particles, PlasmaPure's HEPA filter provides a dry environment that tightly compresses the trapped particles, preventing bacteria from growing because there is no moisture.

The HEPA filter is protected by a thin pre-filter, which blocks larger particles such as pet hair. This pre-filter is coated with Persimmon Catechin (Katikin), which fights viruses and bacteria and helps extend the useful life of the HEPA element.

Powerful deodorization is PlasmaPure's trademark. Mitsubishi Electric's exclusive plasma technology is up to four times as quick as conventional methods at eliminating unpleasant odors. Within the unit, six plasma electrodes create a field of electrically charged particles that collide with the odor molecules, turning them into carbon dioxide and water vapor. An activated charcoal filter then discharges these "sanitized" molecules, while remaining odors are absorbed into the charcoal. This decomposition action by the plasma process also extends the life of the charcoal filter for up to five years under normal operating conditions.

PlasmaPure operates in manual and automatic modes, and comes complete with a remote control. On automatic mode, it adjusts to rid the room of contaminants and provide around-the-clock protection. PlasmaPure air purifiers feature longer service life and lower operating costs than conventional air purifiers, thanks to PlasmaPure's long-life filters and low energy consumption. Its Smart Sensors are engineered to contribute to efficient, "as needed" money-saving operation, and PlasmaPure's HEPA filters are effective for up to five years of operation*. And thanks to PlasmaPure's plasma deodorization technology, the activated charcoal filters also last up to five years, compared to other filters that usually last only six to twelve months.

(*HEPA filter cartridges vary in the amount of time they last. Most competitors' filters last one to three years under normal conditions: an indoor environment without pets, excessive dust, paint fumes, or excessive cigarette smoke. PlasmaPure's HEPA filter can last up to five years under these conditions. A light on the PlasmaPure unit indicates when it is time to replace the HEPA filter.)

In addition to its efficiency, PlasmaPure is extremely safe and quiet to operate. The sound level produced by the fan on low speed is comparable to a whisper. A series of power disconnect switches located at the grill, HEPA filter, and charcoal filter automatically shut off the power supply if any of these components are removed. (Many air purifiers continue running even with the grill and filters removed.) What's more, if airflow is greatly restricted due to excessive caking of dust on the HEPA filter or if the unit is left running while face down on carpet flooring, the microprocessor's current-watch system tells the transformer to stop the electrical current.

The PlasmaPure air purifier comes in two sizes that can handle almost any size room. Both models are priced under $390.

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