Are your home air purifiers cleaning & replenishing?

Are your home air purifiers cleaning & replenishing?

Welcome to the top online site on home air purifiers. Here you can learn all about electronic air cleaners, HEPA filter systems, as well as ozone, ionic and ultraviolet air purifiers.

With up-to-date consumer reports on home air purifiers, you can find the top rated carbon or electronic air cleaners available now.

Compare the performance of all types of home air purifiers with this guide to pollutant cleansers. Keep reading for more insight into the many varieties of carbon and HEPA filters.

Improve your Health

Breathing fresh and pure air is critical to maintaining your health. This is why we fill our homes with live plants and flowers –as a way to replicate the clean air found in nature.

You don’t have to create a jungle in your home in order to purify your air. Home installed air filters will sift out pollutants and allergens so you can breath easy.

There are many different types of air purifiers, with a range of different features, including:

  • Ionic
  • HEPA
  • Ozone
  • Ultraviolet

Imagine cleansing your home from smelly smoke, mold spores, dust, pollen and dander to improve your health.

Decrease your susceptibility to viruses, bacteria and germ infection by increasing the circulation of fresh air in your home.

Home air purifiers remove all air pollutants including chemical fumes, so you can restore your lungs and regulate your breathing patterns.


There are many ways to purify the air in your home, office or school.

Ionic air purifiers are becoming a vastly important way to multi-cleanse your air. Popularized by Nikken, the ionic air filter does several jobs at once.

Ionic air purifiers utilize several fine filter systems to remove large and small particles from the air. Yet, its most exciting feature will produce negative ions in order to replenish and renew the air it has just cleansed.

Negative ions are a natural source of revitalization for the body, and will leave you feeling like you’ve been sitting out in nature.

A HEPA air purifier works electronically to filter out the pollutants that have stagnated in your home.

The HEPA system is quite simple as it uses a fan to attract air particles. Once pollutants become trapped in the HEPA filter, they can be removed and destroyed.

HEPA is a great idea for eliminating larger particles like: smoke, dust, mold and allergens.

Ozone air purifiers are another filtering system that takes its cue from Mother Nature.

Activated oxygen breaks down smaller particles like bacteria, fungus and most industrial pollutants by a process of conversion.

The effects of the ozone filter include a feeling of fresher, purer air –much like you would experience after a thunderstorm.

Another popularized form of air purifying is called an ultra violet system.

Activated forms of ultra violet light will destroy micro particles on contact. In fact, this form of air purification is often used in hospitals to destroyed viruses and disease.

Please keep reading the rest of this site for more in-depth reviews on air purifying systems. This way you can choose how to improve your health and cleanse your air with confidence.


A range of quality air purification systems are available from top quality manufacturers all over the internet.

Take this time to browse through the following names to check out the latest online deals, discounts and warranty offers.

Find top air filtration systems from these top brand names: Hunter, Alpine, Holmes and Nikken.

Fresh Air Scribbles

Air Purification System – GermBlaster UVC Air Purification System Kills Airborne Pathogens
September 18, 2005

National Biological Corporation, leading manufacturers in the field of ultraviolet light therapy products in the medical industry, introduces the new GermBlaster UVC Air Purification System.


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